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Stefano Magni and Jaga Santagostino

Stefano Magni Jaga Santagostino

Stefano Magni

Stefano is a front-end developer and Cypress ambassador. He’s passionate about testing, automation, and learning. He developed every kind of UI: games, product configurators, drawing tools, highly responsive websites, and mobile apps. He loves creating quality products, good testing confidence, sharing his knowledge and working with passionate teams.

He's currently focused on React, TypeScript and all their ecosystems.

Stefano is working on a big UI Testing Best Practices project on GitHub and speak regularly at meetups and conferences.

He works for Conio, a bitcoin startup based in Milan.

GitHub - LinkedIn - Twitter

Jaga Santagostino

Jaga loves automation and anything that can make a developer's life easier and more enjoyable, from building CLIs to deploy on k8s to Browser Extensions and everything in between.

He lives by "sharing is caring” motto.

He's the organizer of ReactJS meetup in Milan.

He works as an independent consultant, focused on TypeScript, GraphQL and React ecosystems.

GitHub - LinkedIn - Twitter

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