Conduit: the Realworld project

We leveraged both the React frontend and the Node.js backend of the RealWorld project. You can play with it with an online hosted demo. The project is a clone of Medium, the popular blogging platform, called Conduit.

We cloned both the repositories and adapted them for the purpose of this course:

  • we shared some constants between the source code and the tests code
  • we delayed every backend operation to simulate E2E testing bottlenecks
  • we added the option to wipe out the entire DB
  • we made the exercises network-independent by storing all the assets locally

The RealWorld projects are stored into the realworld directory.

Some notes
  • you need to have Docker and MongoDB installed to run the projects and the tests locally (not for the book itself)
  • the DB data could not be persisted. If you stop the Mongo process the frontend was logged in, you need to manually delete the stored JWT. Otherwise, the frontend will not work anymore. The Cypress tests already managed it by clearing every local state before every test.

Author: Stefano Magni

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