Dedicated scripts

If you respect a naming convention like the one proposed earlier that was something like cypress/integration/<DIRECTORY>/<SUBJECT>.<TYPEOFTEST>.spec.js (where TYPEOFTEST is integration, e2e, etc.) is easy to create dedicated scripts for each kind of tests.

It could be helpful even for other members of the team: imagine a back-ender that is going to release an update and want to run just the E2E tests locally to be sure that everything works as expected, a npm run tests:e2e script could be helpful for him. Something like the following script

"scripts": {
  "tests:e2e": "cypress run --spec \"cypress/integration/**/*.e2e.*\""

can launch just the E2E tests. Otherwise, you can use the cypress-select-tests plugin to select the tests an easier way (cypress run --env fgrep=e2e) or run only the tests with a particular title (cypress run --env grep='E2E')

Author: Stefano Magni

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