The first E2E test: signup

There is a lot to tell and care when writing E2E tests, we are goign to use one of the most famous examples: the signup flow. Testing this kind of flow is useful because:

  • it fills a form

  • it contains an AJAX request

  • it contains some error flows to be tested

  • most of the flows need a registered user

Please note: you need to have the RealWorld example running, be sure that you have $ npm run realworld:start running (if something does not work, take a look at the installation instructions).


If you want to test the signup flow we need:

  • to identify the HTML elements we need to interact with

  • to be sure that the test always pass, regardless of the user we are registering already exists or not

  • to create a simplified and fast version of the whole signup flow, other tests will need a registered user too

Let's face them one by one in the next chapters.

Author: Stefano Magni

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