Main E2E test defects


If you run the test multiple times you can encounter some failures like this

Test stability

In detail, the Cypress Test Runner says

Test stability feedback

it means that the "No articles are here" string does not exist in the page, but why? The first screenshot shows that the signup process worked, why did the test fail?

Do you remember that Cypress waits automatically? Well, it's true, but it does not wait forever, cy.get and cy.contains wait up to 4 seconds (by default) but if the AJAX call lasts more than 4 seconds we are out of luck.

The fastest (but not the robust) solution is to increase the cy.contains timeout with the following change

-cy.contains("No articles are here").should("be.visible");
+cy.contains("No articles are here", { timeout: 10000 }).should("be.visible");

Now the test is going to succeed most of the times.

The complete test is the following:

File: cypress/integration/examples/signup/signup-2.e2e.spec.js

/// <reference types="Cypress" />

context("Signup flow", () => {
  it("The happy path should work", () => {
    cy.get(".form-control").then($els => {
      const random = Math.floor(Math.random() * 100000);
    cy.contains("No articles are here", { timeout: 10000 }).should("be.visible");

Anyway: this test started smelling a while ago, go ahead to read why should we improve it.

Please note: you must completely avoid fixed-time waitings (cy.wait(10000) with Cypress) because you make the tests extremely slow! Read more about that here.

Author: Stefano Magni

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