The cost of testing

  • the complexity of the project increases, we add more tools to the existing toolchain. If a testing culture is not appreciated, that it be a problem

  • at the first approach, testing could add more cons than pros, you could end up maintaining more the tests your own code

  • tests could give you false confidence, and you blame them when a bug goes online

  • testing requires a mind shift

  • you need more time. The experience will make you faster and faster but, in the beginning, you cannot avoid it

  • testing must be part of the definition of done in your company or team, otherwise, it's hard to make them understand the testing process value

  • you could think you are creating one more app to be maintained

Remember to stop and start again and ask some expert developers if you end up blaming your tests, but do not give up!

Author: Stefano Magni

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